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Музыка зарубежнаяJonathan Lee - Let Them Hear (2010) FLAC, 1071 kbps Скачать
Хэш релиза83b0b0c6ce0e2b75fa1c2883a402caac8bbb6769
ОписаниеИсполнитель: Jonathan Lee
Альбом: Let Them Hear
Год выпуска: 2010
Жанр: Modern Worship

Описание: Скрытый текст / Картинка

Jonathan Lee is one of the most up and coming Worship Leading Artists today. He is completely consumed with a passionate love for God, and there is no doubt when you hear his music and experience his worship leading that this young worshiper is truly set apart. As a songwriter and co-writer on many of today’s new and upcoming worship songs, Jonathan is the co-writer of the songs “Jesus I surrender,” “Nothing Less Than All Of Me,” featured on Jeff Deyo’s latest album Surrender and the song “Revolution,” featured on the Promise Keepers CD Uprising. Jonathan was also featured as one of the worship leaders on the CD, Top 25 Praise Songs (2007) and Best Of Worship Vol. 2- He Knows My Name, along with Jeff Deyo, Lincoln Brewster, John Katina and others, singing a song called “Holy is the Lord” written by Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio and one called “I Will Not Be Shaken” by Tony Guerrero. Jonathan’s debut release, “Let Them Hear” on 1CN Records released and those who have already heard “Let Them Hear” have praised Jonathan for his musical and song writing talents as well as his passion for the Lord. Here is what other songwriters and recording artists are saying: “Jonathan Lee is one of the fresh new voices for the next generation. He’s a brilliant writer, gifted worship leader but more importantly a passionate lover of Jesus. I've had the privilege of worshipping with Jonathan Lee and I found his hunger and thirst for God's presence to be electrifying and contagious. Jonathan is a breath of fresh air.” – Holland Davis, Published Author, Bible Teacher, Worship Leader, Songwriter of “Let It Rise”“It is extremely rare to come across someone with such incredible talent mixed with such deep anointing and humility to lead people into worship and intimacy with God. Jonathan Lee is one of the rare ones, and I believe God's hand is on him for such a time as this.” –Jeff Deyo, Worship Leader/Founder, PureWorship Institute, Songwriter of “Bless The Lord”“Jonathan Lee has a great set of pipes! The boy can sing. He is a pretty exciting new prospect for those of us looking for new worship songs! It's going to be interesting to see where his path takes him.“– Brenton Brown, Songwriter of “Everlasting God,” "Hosanna", "Because Of Your Love.""Having written songs and led worship with Jonathan Lee, I have witnessed first hand, his passion and undeniable calling to lead people to a place of authentic worship. His new record is a powerful collection of worship anthems that are sure to be on the tongues of worshipers for many years to come!" - Andy Kirk - Worship Leader/Pastor - LifeChurch.tv NW Oklahoma City CampusThe album “Let Them Hear” spotlights many anthems and ballads of worship with the songs “Beautiful King,” “As White As The Snow” and “Glorified,” just to name three out of the eleven amazing tracks. The songs on this album are uplifting, worshipful with full-bodied parts and easily sing-able for the entire congregation. Produced by Fred Williams from the Back Street Boys live band, musicians and guests Sarah Reeves, Jeff Deyo, Chris Carmichael, Rob Gosh, Rob Hawkins, Philip Kothlow, Brent Milligan, Jeremy McCoy, Ben Phillips, Bryant Siono, and Matt Underwood. As you listen you will understand that “Let Them Hear” is no ordinary worship album.

Tрэклист: Скрытый текст / Картинка

01. (00:00:36) Jonathan Lee - Intro
02. (00:04:29) Jonathan Lee - Sound Of The Redeemed
03. (00:03:48) Jonathan Lee - Beautiful King
04. (00:04:26) Jonathan Lee - As White As The Snow
05. (00:04:40) Jonathan Lee - Glorified
06. (00:04:22) Jonathan Lee - Oh My Soul
07. (00:04:48) Jonathan Lee - Close Your Eyes
08. (00:04:33) Jonathan Lee - The Glory Of Who You Are
09. (00:03:58) Jonathan Lee - All I Want Is This Moment
10. (00:05:37) Jonathan Lee - Release
11. (00:05:49) Jonathan Lee - Be My Everything

Аудио: FLAC, 1071 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:47:06

ТипМузыка зарубежная
РаздающийПоследний раз был здесь 2:54:59 назад
Размер339.11 MB (355,585,704 байт)
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Добавлен2010-06-05 10:41:49
РаздалAleksey Респект
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